Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's Your Damage Trina?

Not sure what Trina's problem is....This is my reply to her video she made while I was minding my own business, living the dream.  Looks like I will have to put her in her place. Whatevs.  LAX 4 Life! Whistle whit whistle!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Co-Hosting River City Wrestling Radio

If you missed the show yesterday, no problemo. You can give it a listen right now! I super stoked to return to River City Wrestling THIS Sat. Check out River City Wrestling for more details on the show and how you can be a part of Dining with the Stars on Friday night.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hoodslam LA

Here is the first glimpse of our weekend with Hoodslam.  I wish I got more footage but what I did get was pretty solid!  Hoodslam had their first LA show at Brian Kendricks School of Wrestling.  I've wrestled here once before for the Willie Mack benefit show.  I totally dig their set up there!  Danielle and I also debuted our Bat Shelly and Robin characters along with Super Amber aka Amber O'neal and Sexy Chino.  At the stroke of midnight it was Danielle's birthday!  Stay tuned for part 2....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Danielle's New Role in CWF Hollywood

A fun clip of Danielle's new role in CWF Hollywood as Jon Ian's assistant.  Here is a behind the scene view of what goes on before a promo airs on TV.

#FunCam #ProjectBootyShorts w Dark Sheik & Sasha

Dark Sheik and Sasha Darevko came over last week to podcast it up on Martinez Girlz Radio and we got this gem of a video.  We originally posted #ProjectBootyShorts on the latest edition of Fun Time Radio.  Stay tuned to when you can hear the interview we got with Dark Sheik and hear about how Hoodslam started, life and more! Next Hoodslam is 1/25 in Los Angeles and 1/26 in Las Vegas.  Not only is Hoodslam making its debut in these cities but Amber O'neal will make her Hoodslam debut!  You definitely do not want to miss this, here is the flyer for the events:


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Drawing from a CWF Hollywood Fan Jorge Uribe

Last Sunday at the CWF Hollywood show ( I met Jorge Uribe who did this radical drawing of me. Make sure to check out CWF Hollywood on KDOC or on their site.  As soon as I know the date for February's show I will post it :)  Thanks again Jorge!

Positive Vibes to My Wrestling Twin Christy Hemme

Long story short, Hemme knows what I mean when I say TWINS!  So radical to see Hemme and some of my amigas shine so bright and beautifully.  I LOVE YOU CHRISTY, Shell-bell....DING! Positive vibes to you and all the gals over there in TNA.

CWF Hollywood


Monday, January 14, 2013

Thats the End of THAT Chapter...

I was inspired to make this video so I did it.  Huge thanks to mi amigo Brian Cage for helping me out!  I hope all viewing this video leave with nothing but positive vibes!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

VIDEO PWS After Party


I had so much fun at the PWS/BLOW shows, I cannot wait to go back in Feb!  Visit for more information.