Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Once again I wish I got more footage grrrr!  This carny adventure what exactly what I needed.  My performance and connecting with positive energy all was needed to heal my heart.  I had some amazing moments staring at the stars while in my bloody glam dress embracing all the Love God was blessing me with.  My heart was hurting in a deep way but my amigos y amigas brought so much positive energy to me allowing me to continue my journey with out looking back.  So many answers came during this trip.  I was able to start closing the doors of my past so that I can embrace my future path.

 Today is all about editing and podcasting, I'm so behind in both!  It's been super hard to keep up with live broadcast on VOC Nation so Danielle and I have decided to go back to prerecorded shows.  Each week there will be a new podcast and I will post the link so you can give it a listen.  Dude, this video seems so long ago!  I miss Hoodslam and can't wait to go back.  Looks like I wont be there until next year :(  Hoodslam is my home but I must go and venture in different lands saving wrestling one town at a time :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We are The Following....taking over the world one promotion at a time.  Consider yourselves warned, for The Following has spoken...
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Life always brings things full circle.  This weekend was another example on how true that statement is.  I have learned to let go and allow things to happen organically.  Whatever is meant to be TRULY is meant to be.  This past year has been such a crazy journey but every experience, both good and bad, HAD to occur in order for me to evolve to the person I am writing this blog.  It's such a trip, Life keeps aligning me with people and places when I need it the most.  The first couple of months after my break up was tough but I learned so much through the pain.  It's so appropriate I return to the building where it began when I finally let go and moved forward.  Stay tuned for pics and my Save Wrestling episode of when I went to IWF in Arizona, brotherrrr...ONE Love!

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OMG what a journey it was to get to Arizona!  I guess it comes with the territory ;)  Stay tuned for pics and video updates from my IWF experience.  Today I am recording Save Wrestling the podcast with Danielle when she get off of work sharing the adventure to Arizona.

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