Sunday, December 30, 2012

VIDEO The Rise & Fall of Clark Finale

I love Clark and what he brings to this match.  Kevin Matthews inspires the heck out of me and its radical to see that he has some VERY loyal fans.  I can't wait for the next show in Feb!  Check out for more info.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

VIDEO The Rise & Fall of Clark

OMG when I went to PWS ( a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Matthews biggest fan.....Meet Clark:
I met Clark at the B.L.O.W. show that was held the night before PWS.  Here is part 1 of what I call The Rise and Fall of Clark, enjoy!
Stay tuned to see what becomes of Clark later that night when Kevin Matthews took on Matt Hardy with Reby Sky ringside!  Did I mention I freakin' love wrestling?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

VIDEO Backstage at B.L.O.W w Missy Sampson & Amigas

Here is a fun clip with some of the gals of B.L.O.W. ( aka my amigas! Bummed I didn't get Annie Social, next time.  Extra positive vibes to Missy for being there for me.

VIDEO Tout This! Katarina Leigh vs The Marvelous One

After the B.L.O.W. show we all headed to a diner where The Marvelous One challenged Katarina Leigh to a staring contest.  Living the dream!

VIDEO Kevin Matthews Biggest Fans Have a Message for Matt Hardy

OMG This was totally real and not staged.  Theses fellas are loco for Kevin Matthews, wait until you see the footage I got during Kevin and Matt's match the next night!  Stay tuned to see the rise and fall of Clark-Kevin Matthews biggest fan!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

PICS from CWF Hollywood 12/2 Show!

Click HERE to see more!

See the FULL episode for FREE on

VIDEO Journey to B.L.O.W./PWS pt 1

Here is part 1 from my B.L.O.W. experience.  I had so much fun even though I got sick, so radical to be in a locker room filled with gals that all are there to work as a team.  Shout of to Missy Sampson for taking care of me when I got sick! xo

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Introducing the NEW South Side Players Club

I am proud to announce Amber O'neal and I are officially a part of South Side Players Club!  All you tag teams better watch out, we are the hottest thing in professional wrestling!  This pic was taken from our debut as a group last week at PWS (  Our exclusive club includes Joe Hardway, Moe Sexton, Amber O'neal and me!  Our amiga Elli joins our ringside party as well, the more the merry right?   Click HERE to see more!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

VIDEO Why I LOVE Punk Torah

For this entry on Save Wrestling I am just going to write directly to Punk Torah :)
I have been on such a journey, one that I have embraced to the fullest.  Since I can remember I have ALWAYS been drawn to Judaism and it's been over a year that I have been feeding that part of my soul and I KNOW it is right for me.  I grew up in a Christian household and in short I practice Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism.  I know some may disagree with that way of living but Yeshua was a Jewish man who practiced Judaism- a Rabbi.  Over the past year I have watched your videos and they have shine God's Love on my soul many times.  Today I thought I would catch up on your You Tube Channel and when I saw this one I tripped out.  You have no idea how dear this simply entry was to my soul.  That's what's up, it's real.  God's Love is real and I thank you for sharing HaShems Love to all who need it.  Positive vibes amigo!  Happy Hanukkah :)  Peace be with you.  God be with you, shalom. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

VIDEO CWF Hollywood BTS w Jonny Loquasto

Here is a fun clip from the latest CWF Hollywood.  I love working with Jonny Loquasto, Andrew Hellman-no so much.  Watch your back Hellman!

Watch the full episode on


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

VIDEO Wrestle Cade w Amber Oneal

This was from last weekends show in Winston Salem NC for Wrestle Cade.  Anything that brings the BFF Connect together is a good thing.  The people at Wrestle Cade where good to both of us and I want to send positive vibes to them right this second ;)   I wish I got more footage but sometimes footage just doesn't happen.  I learned my lesson and this week I will be filming everything...hopefully LOL