Thursday, August 22, 2013

The last day of The Gathering and what a day.  I will always be grateful for this experience and think it's so radical that I got to manage Brian and Paul.  Take that world!  I wish I had gotten more footage but during my down time my phone's storage was full.  I dropped the ball...again.  It's all bueno though because after I dropped the ball on this one I changed my formula.  I know carry 3 devices that I used to record and make sure all of them have storage and battery.  The more you know...ding! Once again I would like to thank Kevin Gill and the Insane Clown Posse for having me be apart of their psychopathic world. 

Houses October Built....I'm telling you!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 3 at The Gathering I was able to accomplished what WWE, TNA and other independent promotions said NO! to.  What a day!  I totally owned my energy and feel completely blessed that I was able to manage Brian "Spanky" Kendrick and Paul London at JCW.  Thank you Kevin Gill for always having my back and giving me opportunities.  I hope you enjoyed what I did in both the girls show and at JCW because my performance what a gift to you for making it work. Thank you ICP for having me come rassle at your HUGE event and making the little Shelly glow inside.  I got my wish and here I am in Costa freakin' Rica writing about it while Riders on the Storm is on.  It started to rain as I'm writing this, magical.  I love my life and though I may not be where I want to be I know around the corner more magical moments lie ahead.  I feel it and I am ready now more than ever to take the ball and run with it.  ONE Love!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I had quite the adventure last week at The Gathering of the Juggalos.  It's so interesting to revisit all this footage here in the rainforest away from all distracts.  When I was going through all my videos I felt like I was watching someone else's life.  I learned so much during that trip!  Through that learning experience I gain a sense of confidence that was foreign to me.  The way I feel today, right now as I type this is NOT the gal I see in these videos.  I don't mean it in a negative way.  Last week was the beginning of me discovering answers I've been waiting to find.  When the answers came, closure followed.  When I look at this footage I see a Shelly needs closure so she can move forward and I'm proud to say I have.


I had so much fun at Rude Boys kick off party!  When I got booked to co-host the event I knew I needed a special dress.  I'm glad it all worked out because I seriously think this was THEE perfect dress for this occasion.  I swear I think I lost 10 LBS of sweat!  I danced the night, or should I say morning away.  Unfortunately there was a "situation" at the party.  It's #kayfabe. I wished I didn't have to #kayfabe you but I have to respect people's privacy.  What's not #kayfabe is the outcome left me with more answers and reminders to be aware.  Everything that was supposed to happen that night both good and bad where totally meant. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Special Danielle Edition...

Initially, I was hesistant about driving out so far for CWF Hollywood's tv taping. We got a carpool together and it felt like a mini road trip! Actually, didnt seem very long getting there. We decided to take the scenic route and cruised on Pacific Coast Highway most the way. We arrived in breezy, salty-aired, Port Hueneme. The new venue was extactly across the street from the beach!!                                                                                                                           

CWF Hollywood's new venue is Oceanview Pavilion Performing Arts Theatre. They were so hospitalble! They treated us VERY well! Providing food and drinks for backstage. I think it's so important, especially after wrestling, to supply talent with food. Helps keep everyone nourished and energized. The venue itself is nice and roomy, too!

 I  recorded some silliness on my tab before the show started. Click on the YouTube link above to watch some behind the scenes fun!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LOL I totally forgot about this experience until just now.  I use spice as a back up, you know, in case I cannot find cannabis in the town I'm in.  In this case it was a cost issue.  In Jersey I pay about $40 more than I do in California.  Kevin is taking me on a trip to Costa Rica later this week so when I was here last month I was trying to conserve my funds so I had some moolah for my trip.  Kevin paid for my flight so I feel it's more than fair to have some funds with me so I was not about to pay up to booty for medication when my friend spice wanted to come out and play :)  Last year I reffed Rosita vs Jazz in North Carolina.  I was a total Spice Girl and when I was reffing it looked like I was watching theater.  I wanted to have that same experience with Angelina Love at Bombshell's and giving the circumstances what perfect time to visit Jersey as Ginger Spice ;)

I really had fun editing this video.  I edited it this past weekend in the hotel during my down time at The Gathering.  I couldn't help but smile when putting it together.  I was feeling very lonely when editing this but when I saw Kevin and Jerry it made my loneness faded and I was refreshed.  I loved meeting Heidi Lee Morgan, she is so interesting!  I hope to get on her on Save Wresting the podcast one day.  I would love to hear those old road stories from a females point of view.  I had such an amazing time wrestling Angelina Love!  I wish I was able to get her take on it but by the time we got to The Waiting Room I simply forgot :(  Darn myself!


What a trip!  Here I am in Jersey editing the video from the last time I was there :)  I cannot express how amazing it is to revisit moments in my life that truly help form who I am.  Who am I?  A gal who is constantly evolving in this crazy world.  I get to Marty McFly myself back in time to those moments and they teach me even more!  Does that make sense?  The experiences themselves help me grow but when I revisit these moments that's when I truly evolve.  As I said, what a blessing!  Stay tuned for my Hoodslam journey and of course my Gathering of the Juggalos experience.  Positive vibes!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Part 1 of our wacky journey to San Diego for the Heroes of Wrestling show.  I would love to read your comments on this one.  There was probably 20 people at this show and yes, this is the show that everyone got stiffed on pay.  They did recently contact me about payment.  I hope they do the right thing and pay every performer on the show.  Only time will tell...

Part 2 has a different vibe and I dig it!  The Fun Cam caught so real moments that you just can't write.  It's always a fun time when Chris Master makes an appearance!  I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE editing my videos.  This was last month and so much has happened since then.  It's such a trip to see these moments I lived and experienced with some of my close friends.  Reality tv has nothing on Save Wrestling where we keep it real and are too legit to quit ;)

Heres a pic from G & T Promotions in Brownsville, TX when I won the hardcore match against Mariah Moreno only to be stripped of it later that night due to going over the time limited?  Lame.  I'm still the champ, they know it.  Everyone who was there knows it and Mariah knows it! #5150 #LAX whistle whit whistle!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I love having a rasslin' match on #headlocksunday!  My only regret is I didn't have anyone to record the match for me :(  All in all my Brownsville, TX experience was a very positive one.  There were bumps in the road but a lot of meaningful experiences that needed to be had.  Stay tuned for more videos of my crazy Goonie adventures :)

Hanging out at Twin Peaks Drive Thru promoting the G&T show! 
I started my day off at Grasshopper Smoke Shop, as seen in the video above, was quite the success LOL No really, it was!  I got to connect with the employees and owner of Grasshopper, they gave me a gift and we all had tons of laughs.  No one wants to be "that girl" but sometimes in life you are and you just have to roll with it :)  I wonder if they would hook a sista up with a sweet bong in exchange for a sexy bong photo shoot....hmmmmm.  Carny mode.  Anywho,  I almost wore my CM Punk shirt (I have my reasons why) but when I have shows on Sunday's I like to wear a wrestling themed shirt for what Miss Natural and I call Headlock Sunday.  This appearance was on Saturday so I opted for the dress along with Egor- my bat on my necklace.  The fan in the video had a CM Punk shirt on so naturally I popped and had to share with him that I almost wore my shirt.  I don't think he believed me but when he came to the show the next day he saw my shirt and he in returned popped.  See?  That's how it works, full circle :) 
The beach was  so beautiful I had to make this Save Wrestling episode in color.  To put it in my classic black and white would have taken from it beauty.  I can't wait to go back to Texas so I can revisit this special place.  I felt it called me and once there  I was right where I was suppose to be mind, body and soul.  The perfect ending to my day was hanging out at Paloma's house for an old school Mexican BBQ cook out!  I was right at home eating and fellowshipping with everyone there.  SUCH good meaningful convos, that's what life's about.  The cherry on top was hanging out with my new furry friends.  There were kitties and dogs everywhere and I LOVE it!
In between my appearance at Grasshopper's and going the beach I made another appearance to promote the show at Twin Peaks Drive Thru.  As I mentioned in the video this place has Jerry, Mr. GMC himself, name all over it.  I don't know why but those gals who work there really touched my heart.  I have been thinking of them ever since I met them.  There was just something about them I felt deep in my heart.  Something I have learned in my crazy journey is not to over think things.  That when I feel passion for something or someone I always get my answer on why I cared so deeply.  Once the answer is clear I become a wiser version of myself.  Whenever I grow as a person I find more peace in my life.  Those girls....God bless them wherever there are right this second.
Here's a fun little promo Luis shot of me at Twin Peaks!  Thank you Twin Peaks for showing me SUCH a fun time ;) Hope to see you soon!  Tell those girls I love them :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Here's a sneak peak into the rasslin' weekend I had at Hoodslam.  Today is the day of catching up on all my Save Wrestling updates.  Its so radical to revisit footage and reflect on all that has happened in the last few weeks. Not only do I get to share moments with all of you but I get to physically see me grow as a human being which is SO priceless.  Being a YouTuber I have been able to see situations from an outsiders point of view and really understand myself, others and more importantly learn this game called life :)