Monday, October 8, 2012

Hoodslam FTF 3 80s for the Ladies Results

Hoodslam returned to action Friday Night October 5th with a lively crowd for it's 3rd annual "FTF" event.

Hoodslam (Voted Best Theatrical production by readers of the East Bay Express)
FTF 3 "80's for the ladies"
Friday October 5th. 2012
Oakland Metro Opera House
Oakland, Ca
Attendance 511

Dark Sheik successfully defended his "East Bay Express: Best Athlete Award" against The Karate Kid

Wonder Woman Shelly Martinez defeated Sexy Chino With Lolli Pops, El ChupaCabra With Courtney Crimson and Mega Man With Cannon to get the #30 slot in the big Rumble match

Super Red Rhino 2099 defeated Joe Da Soul in Doc Atrocity's Super Red Rhino Challenge Match

ECW original Mustafa Saed teamed up with Pooh Jack to Defeat The Panther Party: Mr Hoodslam 2 and Grand Master G (With Pink Panther).

Gangrel the Vampire Warrior With "Star" Shelly Martinez defeated The Mexican Werewolf El ChupaCabra With Courtney Crimson

Golden Gig Championship Match:
The James Gang (James C, Drugs Bunny, and Stony Montana) defeated The Butabi Brothers (Anthony, Johnny, and Zombie Vinny) in a 6 man war to retain the Golden Gig. Match started out as a 3 on 2 match with James Gang having the advantage when Zombie Vinny made his dramatic return during the match to even up the sides, but it wasn't enough to leave with the championship.

Costume contest for ladies in attendance was too close to call, so prizes were given to the final 6 competitors.

Rik Scott Stoner (Of The Stoner Brothers) won the 30 person over the top rope Royal Rumble of Ranking Ramifications to get a shot at the Golden Gig on November 2nd. He outlasted Matt Travolta, Banana, Blanka, Zangief, Virgil, Rocky 4,  Scott Rick Stoner, E Honda, Skinny Warrior, Charlie Chaplin, Prawn Cena, Butternuts,  Jesus Cruz, and Otis The Gimp, and Shelly Martinez, just to name a few.)

Live Commentary by award winning commentator OG Kevin Gill "KG" (Juggalo Championship Wrestling)  and Broseph Joe Brody formerly known as AJ Kirsch of WWE Tough Enough.

Live Music by Twisted Fister
Special Performance by Revolva

Hoodlsam is Live the first friday of every month at The Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland, Ca

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