Saturday, November 10, 2012

UPDATED CM Punk Best in the World

"I watched this yesterday and I thought I would share with all of you.  Watching this changed me, it reminded me of where I have been and the vibe that surrounded me when living the dream.  I hope this sends positive vibes to all watching."

In my original post I had the CM Punk Best in the World video streaming but it is not longer available.  I did want to leave my original comment on the Save Wrestling homepage because I think it's important to give public positive vibes and props where props are due.  It tripped me out seeing the old Danny Davis arena hearing that voice from the crowd that no matter how loud it was I always could hear.  I may have not been in the best frame of mind personally during that time but that is where I learned.  Watching this DVD was different for me.  It had depth to it that only those who were there could understand.  On so many levels this DVD took me to places I needed to venture within in order to form who I am right this second.  I feel free, full of life and hungry.  I have a deep hunger to conquer my new dreams/goals in a way I never knew exist.  Positive vibes, Love and Light to all.  Peace be with you, God be with you.  Shalom.

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