Tuesday, December 11, 2012

VIDEO Why I LOVE Punk Torah

For this entry on Save Wrestling I am just going to write directly to Punk Torah :)
I have been on such a journey, one that I have embraced to the fullest.  Since I can remember I have ALWAYS been drawn to Judaism and it's been over a year that I have been feeding that part of my soul and I KNOW it is right for me.  I grew up in a Christian household and in short I practice Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism.  I know some may disagree with that way of living but Yeshua was a Jewish man who practiced Judaism- a Rabbi.  Over the past year I have watched your videos and they have shine God's Love on my soul many times.  Today I thought I would catch up on your You Tube Channel and when I saw this one I tripped out.  You have no idea how dear this simply entry was to my soul.  That's what's up, it's real.  God's Love is real and I thank you for sharing HaShems Love to all who need it.  Positive vibes amigo!  Happy Hanukkah :)  Peace be with you.  God be with you, shalom. 

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