Monday, May 27, 2013

I had a great time at the Wrestling Spectacular event held a few weekends ago in New York.  John Menechino threw the event and I would like to send him positive vibes right this second for doing so.  I was in attendance with the VOC Nation crew and Hernandez by my side.  For me the Wrestling Spectacular brought the energy I needed.  When I saw So Cal Val and Christy Hemme my soul was rejuvenated.  I have been betrayed, lied to and flat out disrespected recently so it was good for my soul to see TRUE BLUE amigas.  Soon after Val and Christy arrived my blondes, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky walked in!  Two gals I have a very special friendship with.  I needed my amigas.  One thing that kind of bummed me out was seeing (once again) the "brother, brother" vibes making it rounds during the event.  When I say "brother, brother" I mean those people in this business who will pretend to be your BFF for their personal gain only to backstab you when they feel you are no longer someone they can use.  I am not being negative just keeping it real and sharing my experiences.  Positive vibes to those people- they need it the most!  It was disappointing to learn that some talent were going to no show the PWS event they were booked on later that night.  It made me sad.  I posted a couple of pics on my Official Facebook Page, make sure to check them out. 

Speaking of the PWS Queens show, here are some fun clips from that night.  Not much but something is better than nothing right?  What can I say, I dropped the ball on getting footage that night.  So sue me!  I always enjoying being at the GMC table and hanging out with Mr. GMC himself.  We have an interesting relationship.  He recently hurt my pink feelings but I think we are off to a new start. 

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