Thursday, October 3, 2013

I never posted the footage from a few tapings ago at CWF Hollywood.  Better late than never!  I really dislike that I'm such a nerd with a nervous tummy.  I am working on now allow others and their negative energy effect mine.  That is exactly what happened on this day.  Thank goodness I finally kicked out and let go of so much in the ring as I beat Todd Chandler with the kendo stick.  For those who couldn't attend check out for updated episodes including the beating of Todd Chandler.

It was a bummer city deal that my amigos Manimal and Kevin Douglas were not at the tapings this time around.  At the last taping they brought so much life to my soul by simply being good amigos.  This taping was challenging with my bruised rib and I made it worse by no selling it in the ring.  Ricky and I had a handicap match against Todd Chandler and lets just say I completely ignored the fact I was injured.  It's been a bumpy road to recovery but I must say it was worth the discomfort.  Once again positive vibes to the fullest to Todd Chandler and Ricky Mandel for being there for me when Manimal and Kevin Douglas couldn't.  The positive energy they gave me is what got me through this day.

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