Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In the wee hours of the morning I broke up with my ex but it was all meant to go down that way. Stockton Con, Kevin Gill, Barbara and Mick Foley were meant to be my comfort zone once I made that decision.  It's crazy.  Looking back seeing these moments remember my thoughts and how it all went down.  Life is mysteriously beautiful.  Even when you go through rough times and don't understand why Life has a way to make the reasons known when the time is right.  God bless my amigos and amiga who where there for me during that weekend.  It was tough but needed to happen so that I could evolve to who I am today.

*Love to hear your thoughts!  Post a comment below :)


  1. Keep ur head up shelly! Like they say everything happens for a reason and the way I see it, ur ex's were supposed to be there to entertain you in ur path to the ONE has a chance to cross ur path ;) life really is crazy like that sometimes lol

    1. Very true. I am grateful for the experiences I had when in that relationship both good and bad. It helped mold who I am today and understand others more. It's all positive but a trip nonetheless when I revisit old footage of a time when I was weak from my heartbreak. ONE Love!