Sunday, July 28, 2013

OMG being a part of the Vendetta Pro Lost Boys tribute show was a complete dream come true!  Since this show when people ask me if I wish I was in WWE or TNA I answer them by saying "if I was with either company I may have not been able to be a part of this show and I wouldn't trade that for anything."  What makes this even cooler is Vendetta Pro owner Billy Blade.  I have known Billy Blade almost my whole wrestling career and we have always been vampires.  Here Billy freakin' Blade books me be apart of THIS show, unreal. 

After the show we watched The Lost Boys on the beach then headed to the boardwalk.  I got lost many times on that boardwalk and my only regret is not getting more footage of me being lost.  Perhaps it wasn't meant.  All in all the night was a complete success and I can't wait for next years show!


  1. Yeah I remember you as Ariel which was a cool character as you have a vampire look...which means sexy.

    It really looked like you had fun and now I have too watch Lost Boys as I haven't seen that movies in years.Thanks for getting mine 80's nostalgia on.