Thursday, September 12, 2013

I came home from Costa Rica on a Wednesday, had Thursday off then headed to the airport on Friday to good old Canada.  I'm glad the original Lyft fella no showed me because the fella who took me to the airport was a delight to talk to.  Long story short it's still cheaper to take to Tobias van.  I look forward to sharing my journey in Canada with Jake the Snake, Tatanka and Jon Bolen. 

Our first stop was a signing at a flea market.  I had too much fun filming Jake and Tatanka.  They are both so different but equally as intriguing.  What a blessing my life is that I am allowed to trespass into the lives of those who paved the way.  I freakin' LOVE WRESTLING!  I am such a nerd and didn't bring my gimmicks BROTHER!  I remember before I left the house I grabbed my VOC Nation pictures just in case.  You see, sometimes promoters have 8x10's for me and other times I bring my own.  I could've sworn they were going to supply them but alas I was wrong LOL.

I have had some technical difficulties that have hindered my updates but I'm finally back on track!  It's crazy how long ago my Canada trip seems but in reality it was only a few weekends ago.  In life we all have set backs but it's all about how you pick yourself up and move forward that counts.  I know that sometimes the bumps in the road seem like the end of the world but it always works out in the end.  I've been through a lot this summer and I praise God for all that He has shown me, taught me and continues to teach me-even when I don't like the circumstances.  Lean not on my own understanding but darn it sometimes situations hurt.  I needed to see Jon Bolen my amigo, my REAL friend.  I will take the words he shared with me about my struggles and keep them close to my heart. 
Ay, ay, ay what a trip!  I stand by my decision in this video and I'm pretty sure I will never eat fruit and cheese from the airport again.  I can't believe I threw up!  It funny watching this video now, you see the roller coaster of a day right before your eyes.  Moral of the story?  A day may consist of tears, heart break, love, inspiration and throwing up but it all truly does work out in the end.

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