Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I was having such a hard day dealing with my grandma's death and break up the only thing I wanted to do was have a glass of vino with Danielle and Mariah.  Well, thanks to Vendetta Pro I was able to accomplish it and the cherry on top was I got to perform.  I remember meeting Luna a few times and we totally connected.  We had great convo and took pics that I wish I had prints of :(  I'm sure I can find them online though!  I decided to do a remix of Ariel/Salinas and I must say nothing beat the remix :)  All the gals at the show were so positive and ready to kick booty.  Sometimes when you get that many girls in the locker room there can be tension but instead we all WANTED to work with each other.  Positive vibes to all the gals who participated in the Lunacy Cup tournament and congrats to Hudson Envy for her win!


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