Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Special Danielle Edition...

Initially, I was hesistant about driving out so far for CWF Hollywood's tv taping. We got a carpool together and it felt like a mini road trip! Actually, didnt seem very long getting there. We decided to take the scenic route and cruised on Pacific Coast Highway most the way. We arrived in breezy, salty-aired, Port Hueneme. The new venue was extactly across the street from the beach!!                                                                                                                           

CWF Hollywood's new venue is Oceanview Pavilion Performing Arts Theatre. They were so hospitalble! They treated us VERY well! Providing food and drinks for backstage. I think it's so important, especially after wrestling, to supply talent with food. Helps keep everyone nourished and energized. The venue itself is nice and roomy, too!

 I  recorded some silliness on my tab before the show started. Click on the YouTube link above to watch some behind the scenes fun!


  1. I was there yesterday. Great show! I got all excited when i saw Shelly cause i had been wanting to go to a show where she'd be appearing. I wasnt aware she was gona be there so it was an awesome surprise for me to see her there :) i hope she comes back.

    1. Sorry I got to this so late. I must have missed the comment. Glad you had a fun time ;) Make sure to come down to the next show on the 27th! xo