Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hanging out at Twin Peaks Drive Thru promoting the G&T show! 
I started my day off at Grasshopper Smoke Shop, as seen in the video above, was quite the success LOL No really, it was!  I got to connect with the employees and owner of Grasshopper, they gave me a gift and we all had tons of laughs.  No one wants to be "that girl" but sometimes in life you are and you just have to roll with it :)  I wonder if they would hook a sista up with a sweet bong in exchange for a sexy bong photo shoot....hmmmmm.  Carny mode.  Anywho,  I almost wore my CM Punk shirt (I have my reasons why) but when I have shows on Sunday's I like to wear a wrestling themed shirt for what Miss Natural and I call Headlock Sunday.  This appearance was on Saturday so I opted for the dress along with Egor- my bat on my necklace.  The fan in the video had a CM Punk shirt on so naturally I popped and had to share with him that I almost wore my shirt.  I don't think he believed me but when he came to the show the next day he saw my shirt and he in returned popped.  See?  That's how it works, full circle :) 
The beach was  so beautiful I had to make this Save Wrestling episode in color.  To put it in my classic black and white would have taken from it beauty.  I can't wait to go back to Texas so I can revisit this special place.  I felt it called me and once there  I was right where I was suppose to be mind, body and soul.  The perfect ending to my day was hanging out at Paloma's house for an old school Mexican BBQ cook out!  I was right at home eating and fellowshipping with everyone there.  SUCH good meaningful convos, that's what life's about.  The cherry on top was hanging out with my new furry friends.  There were kitties and dogs everywhere and I LOVE it!
In between my appearance at Grasshopper's and going the beach I made another appearance to promote the show at Twin Peaks Drive Thru.  As I mentioned in the video this place has Jerry, Mr. GMC himself, name all over it.  I don't know why but those gals who work there really touched my heart.  I have been thinking of them ever since I met them.  There was just something about them I felt deep in my heart.  Something I have learned in my crazy journey is not to over think things.  That when I feel passion for something or someone I always get my answer on why I cared so deeply.  Once the answer is clear I become a wiser version of myself.  Whenever I grow as a person I find more peace in my life.  Those girls....God bless them wherever there are right this second.
Here's a fun little promo Luis shot of me at Twin Peaks!  Thank you Twin Peaks for showing me SUCH a fun time ;) Hope to see you soon!  Tell those girls I love them :)

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